Frequently Asked Questions

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No! There are no hidden costs.

Even though winning such a Prize for GHS 10 seems unbelievable, we understand you might have concerns about the other costs that usually come with buying a house.

All the Taxes to transfer the property into your name are paid by us, that includes all legal fees and documentation. While we will give the winner the keys to a property, mortgage-free and taxes paid, owning a property does come with some general running costs such as utilities and property tax which are the responsibilities of the homeowner, not Raffle Coast Ltd.

All you need to worry about is how many tickets you want to buy to maximise your chances of winning and what your life will be like when you are rent free!

Upon registration and or successful ticket purchase , you will receive a notification via SMS and or email with details of your account information and ticket details; ticket number(s) and the draw date.

You will be able to keep track of all your tickets in your account section once logged in on the website.

You may also use the retrieve voucher option on the USSD to check your tickets. Dial *365*224# then choose option 3.

The ticket numbers are purely for reference, you don’t need to keep the SMS as a proof or anything, all the tickets sold are secured in our database, and when a draw happens, the winner will be notified directly via either SMS or email or phone call.

Due to network instabilities you may experience undue delays sometimes.

Simply login to your account on the website and access your tickets from your account menu.

Alternatively, you can dial *365*224# and choose option 3 to retrieve your ticket(s).

You can also contact us on 0308255707 for assistance.

In the name of transparency all winners will be communicated to the public.

The contact information of winners will never be given to any third party or made public.

We believe transparency is too important in an operation like this to keep things from the customers who support and make this dream happen.

The winner(s) will be randomly and impartially drawn from a pool of sold tickets periodically.

The winner selection events for all the draws will be held publicly and broadcasted on television, the Raffle Coast website and social media channels on the date due. The draw will be supervised by the Gaming Commission of Ghana and all other necessary regulatory bodies.

The draw timers can be monitored live at any time on the website. Any winner will be instantly notified via either SMS or email or phone call.

There are two main channels for buying tickets;

Website (

Visit our website, register and start buying your tickets.

USSD (*365*224#)

Dial the short code and follow the prompt.

You could also buy from registered Korba agents nationwide.

We do need a way to identify and contact our customers, delivering both receipts and draw news especially if you WIN.

We will only contact you for communications related to the raffle or the business.

All customer information is protected in our encrypted systems, completely safe.

Raffle Coast Ltd complies with regulations, as required by the Data Protection Commission.

Raffle Coast Ltd will never share any of your personal details with a third party.

For fairness and responsible gaming, we do limit ticket purchases on a single account to 10,000 tickets.

We do not encourage individuals, with more resources at their disposal, to be able to tilt the odds of the raffle too much in their favour.

We are concerned that the competition together with the life-changing opportunity it offers might pressure some customers to spend more than they should. Remember to play responsibly, gaming can be addictive.

You can visit the website at any time to see the live countdown timer to all draw dates.

Unlike the traditional lottery where you have only up to about 6% chances of winning and possible rollovers, your chances of winning with Raffle Coast are immensely higher.

We are offering the chance to win guaranteed prizes.

YES!, people are definitely going to walk away with amazing lifechanging prizes. No rollovers.

The reason resides in the fact that the pool of tickets participating is exactly what we are drawing our winners from. Thus, every ticket stands an equal and higher chance of winning.

In addition, a single ticket does not only offer you a chance of winning the Dream Home or Mitsubishi ASX in the Grand draw. The same ticket purchased for the Dream Home also gives you a chance to win mouth-watering lifestyle prizes awarded every week, a Suzuki S Presso every month and a cash prize for the customer with the most referrals at the end of the grand raffle draw.

So, a GHS 10 ticket offers multiple chances to win at least 500 times the price it was paid for. Remember the more tickets you have, the greater your chances of winning.

Pretty good odds indeed!!!

The selection procedure will be in accordance with strict guidelines outlined by the Gaming Commission of Ghana.

To ensure visibility, transparency and fairness throughout the process of drawing the winner(s). A credible third party under the supervision of the Gaming Commission of Ghana, will do the drawing. These appointed third parties will have no relationship with Raffle Coast Ltd.

The weekly prizes will be drawn from a random selecting system, picking winning tickets out of the pool of sold tickets until the draw date for the grand prize.

The grand draw will be held publicly in the presence of press, and all winner(s) will be publicized on our website and our social media channels.

All payment transactions are made through SSL secure connections. All our protocols are in place to ensure safe operations.

We have partnered with Halges Financial Technologies Ltd (HFTL) to provide credible, safe, and secure payment solutions.

HFTL is a AAA-rated fintech company with high profile clients like ABSA, Prudential, Enterprise Life, Saham Assurance.

When you enter your card details into the payment processor, you are actually sending your details through a third-party server. What this means is that Raffle Coast never sees, stores or can share your financial data.

We accept Visa, MasterCard credit/debit cards, and all international card payments.

We also accept Mobile Money (MOMO) payments.

Your financial information is never seen, stored or shared by Raffle Coast - it is all handled by our secure third-party payment provider, Halges Financial Technologies Ltd.

Halges Financial Technologies Ltd is a AAA-rated fintech company with high profile clients like ABSA, Prudential, Enterprise Life, Saham Assurance.

The Referral Program or Refer a Friend is an initiative with which every customer can have a

friend, or relative, or co-worker register to Raffle Coast using his/her personal referral code.

This code filled in the appropriate “AGENT or REFERRAL CODE” field during the registration

of a new account, will forever link the new account to the account of the referrer. And from that moment, every ticket bought by this linked account will contribute a point to earn the referrer a free ticket. This free ticket stands an equal chance as paid tickets in all draws.

Earned free tickets are automatically added to your account, and also communicated to you via SMS.

Also, at the grand draw, the account with the highest points will be awarded with a GHS 5,000 cash prize!

Even if you did not win your dream house, you can still get away with a cash prize for just referring friends that bought tickets.

So register now, buy a ticket, get your referral codes and start spreading the word!

Our Affiliate Program involves offering Raffle Coast a product and or service for free or at heavily discounted rate and in return we shall carry your brand in our advertisement campaigns and or display your logo (information) on our website with a link to your personal website / social media page.

How does this benefit your brand?  

Our target market is the mass market and our chosen communication channels (TV, Radio, Social Media) is proven to reach millions on daily basis. That is the volume of traffic we will direct to your brand.

It sounds great, right!

Also, having your brand / product / service displayed and distributed as prizes in our operations is an excellent way to be experienced by our thousands of winners, their families and friends and drive your volume of sales.

Visit our website and all social media platforms to view our Affiliates.

To join our Affiliate Program send an email to

Alternatively, you can call 055 158 2304 to get started.